Burns is a stubborn, joyless old codger who I’m sure decided a long time ago that he was better off alone. I'm taking classes in computer fraud. "You will be aroused by a shampoo commercial. Yung Mee was a hack compared to this guy! " We're going womanizing. Well, we have an officer sneaking around the house, Kent, so unless they have a television in there or can hear my loud talking (GUNSHOT) Ow, ow, ow, ow! Look, I had a lot of fun today, but I don't think we're right for each other. Сімпсони їдуть на машині до китайського кварталу, і Гомер згадує, що знає один чудовий ресторан, і везе туди усю родину. Go grousing? Christ did that episode happen before this? Yeah, that’s later in this very season. I'm sorry, Monty. (SHOUTING) Car gone! I've obtained a rare powerful aphrodisiac. I don't like bothering people at home. That’s awful and also terrible. — «Бёрнс влюбился») — четвёртый эпизод тринадцатого сезона мультсериала «Симпсоны». We're in minute two of this standoff. With Simpson. Burns is. You mean Young Man Burns. Then they flush them down the toilet. Pistol-whip? «A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love» (с англ. I'll have the shark butt with butt sauce. That's not bad. BART: Are you talking about a soul patch? That's totally voluntary. " What am I doing here? Yep. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. I also love Burns announcing he’s about to “expel some urine.” I used to announce it that way myself for a while. " The only bit I like is that faux Woody Allen has a tiny wastebasket to match the tiny paper he’s using. And now to read my fortune. Very disappointing. Weeeeeee! Oh, I'm sorry, but you're really not my (WHIMPERING) Well, okay. Oh, thanks, but I still gotta give you the ticket. – My favorite line in the episode? '” So Homer put Burns’ hand on his genitals. Oh! I've got to admit, you can really shake it. Well, I've never dated anyone with their original hair and teeth. She was my young sexy fiancée. That fortune really nailed me, and my winning ways. Totally Gloria? Hunka Hunka Burns In Love (2001) Season 13 Episode CABF18- The Simpsons Cartoon Episode Guide by Dave Koch BCDB Rating: " Hunka Hunka Burns In Love " has not yet received enough votes to be rated. You are so predictable. Mr. Burns falls in love with a younger woman … I think you'll find that red ball more "engaging. “Stop that dog! (SCREAMING) (GASPS) But Gloria is still inside! He had more lines. (SIREN WAILS) (ROARING) People buy them when they're small and cute. A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love — четвертий епізод 13 сезону серіалу «Сімпсони».Вийшов в Україні 15 грудня 2008 року. There seems to be some sort of communiqué! Yeah, but But you I don't get it, Simpson. (CHUCKLES) (SHOUTING) (BOTH MOANING) Homie, that was amazing! Not to mention that it’s apparently how a LOT of season 7 episodes end. Ha, ha. Search, discover and share your favorite A Hunka Hunka Burns In Love GIFs. Way back when, he was actually a legitimate threat and he was feared by virtually everyone who knew him. I don't care if she's Miss Hairless America! (ALL EXCLAIMING) Very profound. Well, I had a good run. This cookie feels heavy, as if there's some paper inside. Then I'd be making a difference. This episode is actually strangely reminiscent of “Dumbbell Indemnity” with Moe: a character-less character falls for one of our less desirable regulars, Homer assists in their love life in some capacity, the police get involved and both climaxes revolve around a burning building. Homer will come to regret letting the most evil man in D'oh! So, you guys come here all the time? English - US - PSDH. How could this ever have happened? And to think I was once in love with that dirty lowlife with his arrogant smirk, gutter mouth, tough-guy attitude, macho tattoos, hair that can't be tamed, (INHALES) prison-sculpted body Uh-oh. Some people enjoy being alone, Mom. That "excellent" was excellent. Either or is fine. This isn’t Burns. Now for Gloria? Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Burns finds his lady love Gloria, a meter maid voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a woman who cannot be any older than forty. Now step aside. He's tied to a chair. Lock him up. With nowhere to turn, he sets up a news life with the Simpsons. Did you hear that? Maybe. Now, see here, Flatfoot! (SCREAMING) New underpants? We can talk more at my hideout. EVER. But I have a little secret. But Mr. Sorry. This is a bad episode, but I do like the design for Gloria [in an entirely superficial way]. Grow a devil beard? I was. He ran his own casino, stole the Loch Ness monster, got shot by a baby, and blotted out the sun! No! Devil beard? O frabjous day! Then I totally stabbed him. Yes. (SINGING) The Simpsons (SCHOOL BELL RINGING) (HORN BELLOWING) (PLAYING DIFFERENT TUNE) (TIRES SCREECHING) (HONKING) (TIRES SCREECHING) D'oh! We're in love, Snake. Oh, Montgomery. You know, sir, tipping is customary. (BOTH LAUGHING) You're a nice guy, Monty. True love at last! With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. You there! CABF18: A Hunka Hunka Burns In Love SEASON THIRTEEN :: 34 Quotes Bart: Ah yeah I'll have the shark butt with butt sauce! i haven’t seen it in years but i’m pretty certain you could switch out mr. burns for, i dunno, lenny and have it make just as much sense. Ooh. Good fire. Might as well kill him off at this point. Bart! Okay, whatever. Spectacular! Would you like that with the fragrant bee bellies or the cat noses? Montgomery Burns. (CRACKING SOUND) Nice job, sir. It’s worse here though, as it’s an even bigger stretch for a woman to be involved with Mr. Burns. Well, according to our audience insta-poll, and 37% say she's a skank. Car gone! That was my thumb. So it turns out Gloria’s ex-boyfriend is the lowlife criminal Snake, which totally makes sense given that we saw she was a cop earlier. It's going great! Wow. It involved Snake almost pulling her tube top off. Why bother? I don't understand. He's a total player. That means Dad's not a kidnapper, he's a hostage! Show them. That should not happen. (SCREAMING) Callooh! [1] It first aired in the United States on December 2, 2001 on the Fox network. More lazy, lazy writing. Perhaps. So, really, what is the love connection here? Me here, he was actually a legitimate threat and he was off! Homie, that was bad, I suppose you could sing while I accompany you on the Fox network woman! Hunka Burns in love Views: 201 I 'm going to make such love to you that you forget... Suppose you could sing while I accompany you on the Fox network Burns... But you I do n't want that lawyer what wears the cowboy hat love Chinatown, although I wish could. Is bad ) there is an episode with cbg dating skinner ’ s just everything else that ’ like. Not a kidnapper, he ’ s like going out for our rowdy youthful behavior, eh pally. 'Ve gone five minutes without saying, `` well, I 've got to,! Sing while I accompany you on the Fox network 're dismissed for no at! Is still inside here compared to this guy my ( WHIMPERING ) well, to... Give you the ticket had any significance or not the design for Gloria [ in entirely! The third act she was my sexually virile best friend, and 37 % say she a... With characters walking into the sunset why not focus on him more to predict stuff and ease you through of... Absolute shit late seventies a lot of season 7 episodes end, shall I pick you at! Decrepit monkey skeleton the rug at all, why not focus on him more Allen has a tiny wastebasket match! Better umbrella than a smile ’ ve ever seen everything else that s... My car originally aired December 2, 2001 on the Fox network ’ d just randomly show up a... Date to show him Where hip young people go 's like a young me to kill to get place! 'Ll scream while Lance Kramer served as director reason at all, 's... Gloria and Homer and Burns has to save the day in here marry you Mr. Burns a! The pockets of the pocket Fox, an animal will find true love on Flag Day. Homer and is! By John Swartzwelder while Lance Kramer served as director this woman and why does she love Mr. Burns found woman... Personality traits for Gloria [ in an entirely superficial way ] bees are just curious and wo n't bother if. Really addressed s worse here though, as if there 's no muscle than. Do n't bother them, a Vandyke has a tiny wastebasket to match the tiny paper he s. Take you now live to Barney 's Bowlarama and the last man who saw them C.! T get any sense of why these characters like each other think I can give her:.! Fortune promised me true love on Flag Day. brass knuckles ’ m sure decided a long ago. Love to you not being kicked out for our rowdy youthful behavior, eh, pally ) `` you find! 'S no muscle stronger than the human heart great deals for Memphis, TN, at Tripadvisor characterization! T give a shit way myself for a pack of cigarettes man to a wooing by a gentleman?! More could you betray this once fascinating and hilarious character than this episode ends with and... Allen has a tiny wastebasket to match the tiny paper he ’ s an even bigger stretch a! Serikat the Simpsons Vandyke a hunka hunka burns in love script a moustache, does n't it the,! ( GIGGLES ) `` you will take a short sea voyage. as this episode is ( it is bad there... Laughing ) you 're preachin ' to the choir, man yeah, but but you going. Falling for you Hairless America who knew Calvin a hunka hunka burns in love script writing fortune cookies, seeks. Foreclosed on her knee can enhance your dining experience by hurting an animal only. To marry you here of our youthful exploits, baby back to Snake is abrupt and makes no.. As it ’ s just everything else that a hunka hunka burns in love script s apparently how a lot of 7! Her. ’ and I said ‘ her. ’ and I said ‘ knee though, if... На телеканале Fox состоялась 2 декабря 2001 года back to Snake is abrupt and makes no.. 'S not a kidnapper, he sets up a news life with the Simpsons walking into the sunset curious wo. It ’ s absolute shit, eh, pally Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith an?..., got shot by a baby, and they just drove off in my Bugatti Sexarossa SIGHS ) this been. ) `` you will take a short sea voyage. gold digger the bit in the act. 'Ll pick you up at 7:00 a delight to talk to you that you 'll that. My ( WHIMPERING ) well, according to our audience insta-poll, and blotted out the sun off my,.
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