Relative(s) As the two both remained on Earth for three years, Vegeta was annoyed by Goku's compliments of him,[13] and his lack of concern when he boasted that he was the stronger of the pair,[14] even showing disgust with Goku when he offered to help him. (ANDROID 19 replies no) Let’s fix that shall we? When he encountered Goku and became aware of his increasing strength, it only furthered his drive to become stronger. These words/phrases, in order of appearance, read: ", Yelling "MINE!" Vegeta and Bulma share the same line: "Just take the compliment.". Divine Mind is the form attained by Vegeta, a variation on his Super Vegeta form. Vegeta is the first, and as of now, one of three characters to say "fuck" uncensored in the series. 631 views. Due to his position as the prince of all Saiyans and being a Saiyan elite, arrogance and hubris are the air he breathes. Vegeta: Which means... which means... Ghost Nappa: He took the Dragon Ball. After he reverted back from his Oozaru form. [6] Vegeta's sometimes bitter reactions to defeat are the result of his disappointment in his hard work amounting to less than he had anticipated, as was the case when he was bested by Cell and voiced this to Krillin. When Vegeta finally DOES deliver the line, it is completely deadpan, and he squashes his scouter with a bored grunt of "Rah." He helped Gohan … [23], Yamcha, being Bulma's prior significant other, has developed something of a one-sided feud with Vegeta. Voiced by He is first seen as an Antagonist of the series plotting to destroy Earth and steal the Dragon Balls. Episode 27: The Saiyan Formerly Known As Prince, Episode 30: Freeza: The Final Cut (Part 2), Cooler 2: The Return of Cooler's Revenge – The Reckoning, The Best Laid Plans of Saiyans and Nameks,, Beer (especially Guinness because it makes him stronger), His meat shields being in bullet blocking distance, Looking at himself naked in the mirror as a Super Saiyan, Having a challenge/playing games online and streaming on Youtube, Destroying Sleds so that Santa can fall for it, Bald people, in particular Nappa, Krillin and Tenshinhan, Being mocked and trolled by other, especially by Tenshinhan, Being called Eastern European (especially Slovak), Being harassed by others (Or else be prepared), Broly's ridiculous backstory and one-dimensional personality, Being haunted and tormented by Ghost Nappa - to the point of screaming at him when no one else can see him. Unstoppable Rage: Even more emphasized than it was in the original. After the death of Gohan, assassinated by Androids 17 & 18, Trunks has no other choice but to go back in time, 16 years ago, to change the course of history. After defeats, Vegeta would typically express his frustration with either destruction or going off by himself, sometimes both. This form keeps his ki contained in his body, forcing Gokū to rely on his honed martial arts skills, making it an acrobatic form. Despite his overall ruthless, callous, and generally homicidal demeanor, Vegeta has been shown to be uncomfortable witnessing specific displays of brutality. [22]Yet, when Trunks is killed by Cell Vegeta in a rare moment shows anger at this and attacks cell without any regard for his safety. King Vegeta (father)His mother (deceased)Tarble (brother)Bulma (baby mama)Future Trunks (alternate timeline son)Trunks (son) Like his counterpart he is also very prideful, to the point he refuses to admit his failures (such as when he told Goku he fell down a flight of stairs to explain away getting beaten up by Recoome), even to himself (like in episode 23, when trying to get his head back in the game, by telling himself the only reason Goku defeated Recoome & Burter was cause he softened them up for him). When Nappa blatantly goads Vegeta into saying the line, he replies that Goku's power level is only 1006. Earlier on, while both versions of Vegeta killed Nappa because You Have Failed Me, Canon!Vegeta kills Nappa simply because he couldn't defeat Goku, while Abridged!Vegeta killed Nappa because he killed Piccolo and thus rendered the Dragon Balls useless, foiling Vegeta's plan to wish for immortality (plus a lot of repressed rage from dealing with Nappa's idiocy). His rage reached it's peak when he figured out that Gohan had stolen the Dragon Ball he hid earlier in the lake of a Namekian village he destroyed (his screams were so loud in fact, that his son, Trunks, could hear it from 20 years in the future). He has a Jamaican accent. Vegetable is one of the major characters in the series. He was only seen within this form twice in the series. Like many of the original Dragon Ball cast, Bulma's role as a member of Goku's tr… (Angrily charges at Cell), Bardock • Broly • Goku • King Vegeta • Nappa • Paragus • Raditz • Turles • Vegeta, Gohan/Future Gohan • Trunks/Future Trunks, Bulma/Future Bulma • Chi-Chi • Chiaotzu • Dr. Briefs • Dr. Wheelo • Farmer With Shotgun • Grandpa Gohan • Jimmy Firecracker • Krillin • Maron • Master Roshi • Mr. Satan • Mrs. Briefs • Ox-King • Tenshinhan • Yajirobe • Yamcha, Dende • Kami • Lord Slug • Nail • Piccolo • Super Kami Guru, Bubbles/Talking Movie Bubbles • Gregory • Icarus • Korin • Oolong • Puar • Turtle, Appule • Burter • Captain Ginyu • Chilled • Cooler • Cui • Dodoria • Freeza • Guldo • Jeice • King Cold • Recoome • Zarbon, Android 13 • Android 14 • Android 15 • Android 16 • Android 17/Future Android 17 • Android 18/Future Android 18 • Android 19 • Android 20 (Dr. Gero) • Cell/Future Cell • Cell Juniors • Kochin, Biomen • Bojack • Goz & Mez • Garlic Jr. • King Kai • King Yemma • Mr. Popo • Porunga • Princess Snake • Saibamen • Santa Claus • Shenron, Bio-Warriors • Cooler's Armored Squadron • Galactic Freeza Army • Ginyu Force • Future characters • Lord Slug's Clan • Misfit Minions • Spice Boys • Three Lords, Prince of all Saiyans (himself and others). "Vegeta Laughs, Freeza Fumes") is the seventy second chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred sixty-sixth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. LR Vegeta. (Ironically, assuming that TFS is playing the HD Redux, The Narrator would have mocked him for his attempt and simply restarted the game, deepening his insanity.). — “Super Saiyan Swagger”. Occupation He is the son of King Vegeta, the Baby Daddy of Bulma, and the father of Trunks. owing to the fact that Goku still isn't a threat to him. Almost everybody and everythingShadow the HedgehogRaditzKrillin when he is being annoyingTenshinhanBald people, in particular Nappa, Krillin and TenshinhanFreezaHis future son being a pantsy assVegeta Jr. (a Saibaman)Vegeta Jr. Jr. (Cell's spawn)His father for ruining his childhoodMr. Vegeta's Super Saiyan speech (i.e. When Vegeta arrived on Earth with intent of obtaining the Dragon Balls and destroying the planet, Bulma watched him battle the Z Fighters, including when her then boyfriend, Yamcha, died and Vegeta mocked him by calling him trash. The first time Vegeta transformed into this huge ape like monster, he used a power ball resembling similar effects of the moon. But when he was still a child, his homeworld was destroyed by Frieza, wiping out almost all of his people. When he encountered Goku and became aware of his increasing strength, it only furthered his drive to become stronger. Vegeta is the third character to be kicked of the lookout by Mr. Popo, the first two being Krillin and Goku. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Planet Vegeta (destroyed) He is much more powerful than his normal form when transformed, and easily crushed Goku, who exclaimed that not even a Kaio-ken x 5 would work on him. Android 19 7. He has sharp teeth, and a large "U" shaped mouth. Oolong 4. There isn't as much animosity between the two now. He repeated his father's vulgar exclamations of disappointment when the latter learned of Goku's death of heart failure from high cholesterol. (After seeing Future Trunks get killed by Super Perfect Cell) KOC-11 3rd Owned Count originally created by TFS. He doesn't know what condoms or soap are (And initially believed that soap was edible.) In one last act of rebellion, he jumps from a ledge to kill himself, exclaiming "RENEGADE FOR LLLLLLLLIFE!" [6] Overall, Krillin has remained fearful of Vegeta due to his strength and knowing that Vegeta will attack him without a second thought if angered enough. Though he was the stronger of the pair in their initial encounter, he was bothered by how someone with such a lack of intelligence could prove a match for him. As a teenager, he and his mother lived through the horrors of Future Android 17 and Future Android 18, both of whom murdered the Z-Fighters while he was an infant. As of the Team Four Star playthrough of Dragonball Xenoverse, Vegeta has 2 dicks. A rival of Vegeta's saying 'Hi' and Vegeta ignoring them, and simply replying with 'Hi', usually resulting in a double take. Immediately flying into a rage, Vegeta goes ascended super Saiyan and sucker punches Cell in the chest as the episode ends. Nappa is summarily beaten by Goku, and Vegeta notes he had the scouter upside down. Because he differs greatly from Future Trunks, the alternate timeline version of his son, he butts heads with him as they have different agendas. Trunks was born to Future Bulma and Future Vegeta shortly before Future Goku's death. In the TFS universe, Vegeta has a similar personality to his original self; however, he is prone to mak, g weak jokes/puns, and is more easily frustrated, probably from years of putting up with his partner, Nappa. repeatedly when he sees an opportunity for his own victory (Demonstrated when he interrupted Ginyu's moment of silence for Jeice's death, when he spots Porunga whilst Freeza is fighting Super Saiyan Goku, and when he ambushes Android 19 whilst the latter is draining Goku's energy). The couch is surprised to realize just how prominent Elder Kai has become since the end of Z , which leads to them discussing how Out of Focus King Kai has become since losing his role to Elder. Fans have watched him progress from a major villain, to an antihero, and finally to a bonafide good guy and dedicated family man in Dragon Ball Super. He's basically shown as the only sane person in the show, and thus has a habit of getting a bit angry. Vegeta claimed that the power of the Great Ape form is ten times that of the Saiyan's base form. Over time, we've gotten glimpses of his internal evolution not just through his actions, but also through his words.Voicing Vegeta in Funimation English dubs of the series, voice … After Goku let Vegeta retreat, Bulma was not pleased but found solace that Yamcha and the others who died can be resurrected by the Namek Dragon Balls. Vegeta goes on to say that Broly's motivation is stupid, as he is motivated by a crying baby... even though Vegeta is as well. He has an evil nature and is Goku 's greatest rival. Vegeta is one of Dragon Ball's most complicated characters. Prince of all Saiyans (himself and others) Prince (by Raditz and Perfect Cell) Shining Golden God (by himself) Prison Bitch (by Nappa) Little Veggie (by Burter) MC Widow's Peak (by Android 17) Bipedal Bitch (by Nail) 'Getes (by Goku) Best buddy (by Goku) Bringer of Death (himself) Destroyer of Worlds (himself) Wrecker of Your Shit (himself) The Hype (himself) Spiky Haired Bird (by Android 16) Blowjob Princess (his pink shirt) Dum Cumpster (his pink shirt, again) King Vegeta (by Paragus) Prodigal Asshole (by Piccolo) Reggie (by Puddin) Garret Gunn (distant cousin of James Gunn by Puddin) Baby Daddy (by Tenshinhan) Someone referencing Vegeta's mother, Vegeta replying, "My mother's dead," and the person saying, "I know. He later throws one at the decapitated head of. Bulma was devastated and wanted Goku to kill Vegeta for his actions. ", His pink shirt. [16] Vegeta also sees Gohan as a "smartass"[9] and mocked what he perceived was his resemblance to Moe Howard.[16]. The same thing can be said about his pink shirt during Mecha Freeza's arrival, in the original version it reads BADMAN but in DBZA in reads the following txts : Blow Job princess, pull my hair etc. TFS DBZ ABRIDGED | Vegeta's Unyielding Rage - Coub - The Biggest Video Meme Platform by Gohan's Rage The rare occasion of his pride differing from just extending to him was when he was blasted away by Future Trunks who he admitted to himself to be proud of as he recovered from the blast, though he would admit that his rage had overcome him from furthering in the feeling.[1]. One of Vegeta's most redeeming qualities is his determination, which he shares with his rival Goku. He has risen up and become a legend etc."). Vegeta, along with Nappa and Raditz, remained Frieza's soldiers, but the prince disliked having to do so, since he knew for sure that Frieza was the one who killed his people. Vegeta is one of two non-deity characters to consider themselves God, the other being Cell. [2] His grandiose views of himself have backfired when used by opponents to mock him, as both Freeza and Cell did during their battles with him. In every shot of him clad in said shirt where he was facing away from the camera, there would be words or phrases indicating femininity in bold, black letters printed on the back of it. Satan for stealing his hypeNot being good enough for ZarbonBeing mocked and trolled by other, especially by TenshinhanTeam Three StarThe color pinkLosing in video gamesBeing called Eastern European (especially Slovak)Being called out or sworn atGetting kicked out of the lookoutHis hype being stolenBeing kicked/punched in the dickPeople stealing his hairstyle/trademarkBeing harassed by others (Or else be prepared)Kakarrot's ridiculous name (Goku)Broly's ridiculous backstory and one-dimensional personalityKakarrot losing against other fightersGhost Nappa (when he haunts him)Getting hit in the eyePeople thwarting his plansGeneral ZodHis future son being in danger/dyingDragon Ball GTHis themeFear of dyingGetting in painTerrorists/TerrorismCell failing to kill Mr. SatanWatching people give birthNot being a Super SaiyanBeing weaker than Goku No matter how many times he is bested in conflict, be they after a drawn out battle, such as his encounters with Freeza and Cyborg 18, or in a few minutes, similarly to his encounters with Recoome and Perfect Cell, he never faults in picking himself up from a loss and striving to do better, pushing his body as far as it can go in order to attain the strength to overcome his obstacles. [3], Since the two first met, his rivalry with Goku has slowly began dominating his entire life. Vegeta is the second character to call Bulma a "bitch", the first being Krillin. [28] They also have differing treatments of each other; Future Trunks has a begrudging care for his father while Vegeta is spiteful of him and makes no attempts to hide it, showing his disdain upon learning that he was his son,[29] mocking his physical appearance,[28] and downgrading his strength. Kami 3. Share the best GIFs now >>> Being called "Vegena" by some people (a pun on Vagina). With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Angry Vegeta animated GIFs to your conversations. Yamcha considered them to have a fight despite this while Vegeta considered himself to have only faced Goku, disregarding Yamcha as the "scrub" killed by a Saibamen. 912 views. Freeza dominated Vegeta's life for much of his early years through his rule, though Vegeta acknowledged that he would retain his evil sense of morality. In order to push Cabba to his Rage Breaking Point, Vegeta draws upon his old Space Pirate self and threatens to destroy Cabba's entire planet and kill his family once he kills him. Freeza: Ha! The defeat by Cell showed a rare occasion of him voicing his frustration to someone, Krillin, in not being able to best his opponent despite his extensive training. Vegeta can scream so loud, Trunks can hear it 17ish years in the future, from another planet. 0. But after his defeat and repeated run-ins with the heroes, the Dragon Team, he moves from becoming a ruthless villain to more of an anti-hero. Vegeta Jr. physically resembles Vegeta, down to his upright standing hairstyle and widow's peak. The latter is especially humourous as in an earlier episode while being imprisoned in an Arlian prison, Vegeta replies to Nappa telling him not to "drop the soap", as if he understood the reference. Vegetable is very close to Goku in power. "The Return of Raditz! Radditz 2/2 5. [20] Piccolo in turn sees Vegeta as a "prodigal asshole"[21] and does not view assisting Vegeta in battle as urgent as helping the others,[22] but can tolerate him. Saiyan Prince Warrior Oozaru Vegeta crushing Goku's ribs results in a very, ... Goku: (Just barely holding in his rage) You... killed my best friend...! Team Four Star Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The second is in the actual series itself. Vegeta (ベジータ, Bejīta) is the former prince of the near-extinct Saiyan race and is Goku's self-proclaimed arch-rival. Nappa, Krillin, Goku, etc. Super Buu 2. Race Vegeta's "Its Over 9000!!!" [9] He has a clearer view of his mother, taking offense whenever she was either invoked or insulted by his enemies, such as when she was brought up by Freeza,[3] Cui,[10] and Cell[4] (let it be noted that Cell was the only one who actually manage to anger Vegeta, since Freeza and Cui's comments didn't really hit the mark well). It is essentially a Super Saiyan form that uses "joy" as the trigger instead of rage, and corresponds to the "sacral chakra". Bojack Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone Abridged(by Neighborhood Cluck) (pre-TFS): Vegeta3986 voiced these characters: Garlic Jr., Kami, Mus… His size is paramount, his ears are keen enough to hear a pin drop from a mile away. Ironically the abridged series itself made a point of ignoring or mocking this particular meme. Vegeta vs Black Goku - Saiyan Rage - Vegeta Prince of All Saiyans. Vegeta's treatment of Trunks in Episode 38 is quite sad to watch. Male Which begs the question of which dick was kicked so much in the second Cooler movie. Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan by throwing a tantrum, like the original series. (Ironically the correct translation of the original line) to which Nappa complained that he didn't say it right (And Vegeta smugly retorted that he did.) Vegeta disrespected Yamcha's presence on the battlefield when he arrived to join the others in fighting the androids, questioning why he was even there. basically shown as the only sane person in the show, and thus has a habit of getting a bit angry. 3 years ago. This is also applicable to his mannerisms and characteristics, such as his continued speaking of a Super Saiyan despite continued opposition from Freeza,[3] claims that he is one of if not the strongest person alive despite events suggesting otherwise,[4] and near-refusal to back down in combat unless he is without a breath or deceased even when he loses confidence in his chances of winning.[5]. AAAAUUUGH!!! [Vegeta erupts out the water, screaming with rage] He is an unrepentant asshole and proud of it. ... A Deleted Scene separately posted by TFS suggested Puar was the rope. Kui 9. (Seen in episode 19 when he couldn't even pronounce the word 'help'.) Throwing dog treats at Guldo or severed heads. However, while in the original, he admitted that his frustration and hatred allowed him to transform, in TFS, he hides the fact by saying "Push ups, sit-ups and plenty of juice". For instance, he refers to. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Tfs Vegeta animated GIFs to your conversations. Despite this, he served under him to ensure that he would one day become st… Dragon Ball Z The Abridged Series Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Bulma was a central character in the early parts of Dragonball, being the main instigator in the various quests for the Dragon Balls, providing devices and vehicles for the group to use and, through calling on her exaggerated feminine wiles, becoming subject to the various perverted intentions of the sleazier characters the group encounter and playing the role of the damsel in distress. [13] Tenshinhan has made it clear that he enjoys seeing Vegeta be defeated,[25] and would even like for him to be killed. [7] When the two met again on Namek, Vegeta showed bewilderment at Goku's strength and intelligence going hand and hand as he bested the Ginyu Force as he lamented what appeared to be a Super Saiyan. Vegeta is terrible at killing Goku, as referenced by Goku in Revenge of Cooler's Revenge: The Reckoning. After Zarbon's lifeless corpse falls into a lake, Krillin and Vegeta make small talk before Vegeta demands the handover of their Dragon Ball, allowing him to possess all seven. This is Vegeta's least used transformation. [5] Vegeta furthermore took interest in destroying Goku's body,[12] though his dislike for him mellowed out as he became interested in seeing Goku defeat Freeza to honor the deaths of Saiyans by his hands, calling him a Super Saiyan right before his death and appearing to him with frank instructions on what to do to combat the superior in strength adversary. Smart and ambitious, but also selfish and naive. Vegeta from Nappafinger. He did this in, He enjoys throwing dog treats at Guldo. Wiki Points. 2,102 views. Debut Tenshinhan mocked Vegeta for his ambitions to become a Super Saiyan while he did not have the form at the time as well as his dismissing of Future Trunks as one while clearly in denial, in addition to boasting that he himself, a human and thereby incapable of becoming a Super Saiyan, might possibly become one himself. It also seems that he doesn't like admitting that he needs help. [3] Vegeta knew throughout his youth that he was no match for Freeza but developed the confidence to face him on Namek once under the conviction that he had become a Super Saiyan,[11] a claim that angered Freeza to the point of killing him. He treats people with very little respect such as Krillin and Guldo. Share the best GIFs now >>> KOC-9; After he was a hit by a Spirit-Bomb. Vegeta's general intolerance of the people around him- i.e. He apparently spends time playing video games with Nappa. creepy vegeta # bloody eyes# dragon ball z# dragonball# kuririn#vegeta. Vegeta is a prideful Saiyan, having a hard time accepting losses and always striving to better himself as a fighter so that he could become the strongest warrior alive. Despite his shortcomings, he can also be seen as the tactical genius he is on several occasions, such as when he got Ginyu to accidentally spill the beans on where the Dragonballs were in episode 22. The two first met when Vegeta invaded Earth though as Vegeta correctly recalled, the two did not face each other. Alive His Spirit animal is apparently a Namekian Crab named Morpheus. whoisme. internet meme is particularly infamous on the internet which involved him screaming said line while crushing a scouter in his hand after reading Goku's rising power level. Dislikes Goku kid rage ##yolo. It is during one of these that Freeza (who asked for it) kills him. He also seems to think that bald people are annoying and are a displeasure to work with (Shown in episode 19 when he tells Krillin he is the second most annoying bald person he's had the displeasure to work with.) Much like his original anime counterpart, he often referred to himself as "the prince of all Saiyans", especially in the first season. Being referred to as a bitch or being synonymous as one. A quirk of Vegeta's dialogue, particularly from the Android Saga onward, is that he rarely uses given names. [11] Vegeta has mocked Piccolo for being without a father, pathetic and not comparing in strength to him, showing outright contempt upon discovering Piccolo had surpassed him. Follow 1224. More Dragon Ball Z The Abridged Series Wiki. That is pretty funny. Lanipator, "I have one question though, can it feel fear? Saiyan In the same series, he went temporarily insane from the game "The Stanley Parable" since the game robs him of any form of choice despite all his efforts to rebel against the Narrator, nullifying his renegade status. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. KOC-10; Episode 13: When Krillin and Gohan beat Sui and Banan into the water, he made lame joke about them getting, "washed up." He has remained antagonistic toward Krillin, who he dislikes for being a weakling[13] and threatened the life of multiple times. Vegeta takes a punch from Beerus in Battle of Gods.. After Beerus the Destroyer slapped Bulma and knocks her down, Vegeta becomes fully enraged and, after being transformed into a Super Saiyan 2, he undergoes a furious mutation into the Prince of Rage.. In the TFS universe, Vegeta has a similar personality to his original self; however, he is prone to mak. Unlike Goku and Gohan, Vegeta retains his rationality when transformed (It is never shown how he obtained this ability, but it is assumed it is due to his training, or because of the fact that he is of the royal bloodline) . When he ascends to Super Saiyan 2, he goes from Unstoppable Rage to Tranquil Fury. Wait..." It wasn't until Kai Abridged that the line was finally delivered properly with Nappa also screaming alongside Vegeta...before Nappa gets killed. This is ironic given Vegeta's often graphic and sickening imagination. Vegeta3986 was going to voice these characters on Dragonball Z Abridged: 1. ... TFS Vegeta's screaming broke the boundaries of time. Alternate name(s) You will begin to assume the role of young Gohan before taking control of Piccolo, Trunks, Vegeta and Goku himself. He apparently watches Space Hulu (Hulu except more "spacey"), as he calls Gohan "Moe Howard" after seeing his hairstyle and replies to Gohan how he knows about Moe Howard as a result of watching Space Hulu. He goes into a tirade about how much of a bitch Bulma is. Vegeta Killing peopleFightingHis Super Saiyan swaggerPlaying Pokemon Go / Lets Go PikachuKrillin when he has the balls to be brave and being a manDestroying planetsTaunting enemies who are cowardsBeer (especially Guinness because it makes him stronger)How cool Broly isParkourTraining & being Super SaiyanHis meat shields being in bullet blocking distanceBulma's bitchiness (only when it's hot)Tights (alternate timeline)Being excessively cruel in video gamesHis future sonBeing the cool manProtected sexWhen a plan comes togetherLooking at himself naked in the mirror as a Super SaiyanThrowing dog treats at Guldo and any other decapitated headsHaving a challenge/playing games online and streaming on YoutubeDestroying Sleds so that Santa can fall for itKrillin being the cool manTrolling his enemiesCell beating enemies who are "weaklings"

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